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Pop-up Politics

21 October 2004 to 15 January 2005

Ever wondered what it would be like if the King of France became a President? Ever considered living in a world where only ‘the people’ ruled?  These are two of the themes explored in a life sized interactive pop-up sculpture by the artist Daphne Plessner.  The sculpture, in the shape of a telescope, presents us with a satirical commentary on the relationship between two forms of government, a Republic and a Monarchy. 

By reaching into our historical and political inheritance, the telescope repackages the key ideas of the French Revolution and comically portrays the distinction between a Republic and a Monarchy. It is a parody of our common assumptions about these two political systems. 

The viewer is taken on a journey through a vibrant cartoon pop-up of the ideas that underpin contemporary political life in Europe and America, and an interpretation of the dilemmas that this inheritance has produced.