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J 2608
The Actor Nakamura Nakazo I as the...
C 1525
Rouleau Vase decorated with Scenes from...
Series: 'One Hundred Poems as explained by the Wet Nurse'  - J 2774
Illustration of the Poem by Dainagon...
J 2792
A Woman After Her Bath
Hokusai Sketches, vol. 15  - J 1603.1
Assorted Birds
J 2154
Chinese Princess Standing at a Window
C 1138
Painting of Flowers and Birds in the...
Upasampada-kammavaca - Bu 1248
Decorated Page
J 2769
Three Women beside a Plum Tree
A Picture Book of the Glories of China and Japan  - J 1615
The Warrior Yamanaka Chunosuke on...
C 1064
Sakyamuni Buddha
Painting album of figures from Buddhist legend - C 1364
The Bodhisattva Samantabhadra with an...