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Compendium of Military Arts - Ar 5655.161
Two Swordsmen
Lights of Canopus - In 04.74a
King Solomon and the Animals
The Salim Album - In 44.3
A Kanphata Yogi
Qur'an - Is 1424, f. 15b
Chapter 4
The Chronicle of the World-Adorning One  - Per 278, f. 191a
The Battle of Najm
The Minto Album - In 07A.1b
A Mountain Sheep
The Cream of Histories  - T 414.61
Noah in the Ark
Ocean of Immortality - In 16.10a
In 74.7
Begum Samru's Household
The Orchard of Sa’di - Per 274.7a
A Landscape Scene
The Life of the Prophet - T 419, 253a
The Quraysh (Meccan) Prisoners Being...
Book of Kings - Per 277, f. 22
Rakhsh Kills a Lion while Rustam Sleeps