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Compendium of Military Arts - Ar 5655.161
Two Swordsmen
The Conquests of the Qianlong Emperor - C 1601
Battle Scene
A Picture Book of the Glories of China and Japan  - J 1615
The Warrior Yamanaka Chunosuke on...
From: Spring in the Four Directions (Yomo no haru) - J 1655
A Ferryboat with Horse, Palanquin and...
Five Poems of Nizami - Per 195, f. 89b
Khusrau Hunting
The Chronicle of the World-Adorning One  - Per 278, f. 77a
Battle Scene
Wep 3
The Ill-Assorted Couple
Wep 13
Lady on Horseback and Lansquenet
Fourth print from The Apocalypse, 1511 Latin Edition - Wep 21
The Four Horsemen (The Opening of the...
Wep 45
Saint Eustace
Wep 56
The Large Horse
Wep 74
Knight, Death and the Devil
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