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Wep 1
Young Woman Attacked by Death (or The...
Psalter - W 40, f. 7r detail
Illuminated Initial B(eatus vir)
Wep 95
Erasmus of Rotterdam
Rosarium of Phillip II of Spain - W 99, f. 44v
Virgin and Child
Wep 76
Saint Jerome in his Study
Wep 49
Nemesis (The Great Fortune)
Journal des Dames et des Modes - Wep 0946
Jacket and Skirt
Journal Des Dames et Des Modes, Plate 86 - Wep 875
Habit Nouveau Par Kriegck
The Miseries of War - Wep 2371
La Pendaison
Ninth Print from The Large Passion, 1511 Latin Edition - Wep 35
Lamentation over the Body of Christ
Arm 576.1
The Oil-bearing Women at the Sepulchure
Book of Canon Law - Arm 623, p. 340
Illuminated Page