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Treatise on Astronomy and Calendrical Science - C 1701, f. 2a
Biaofa, chapter 4, opening pages
From: Hokusai's Album of Pictures from Nature  - J 1669
Painting album of figures from Buddhist legend - C 1364
The Bodhisattva Samantabhadra with an...
Scene from a Romantic Novel - C 1697
Dou E and Donkey Zhang
A Picture Book of the Glories of China and Japan  - J 1615
The Warrior Yamanaka Chunosuke on...
Illustrated Version of Imagawa's Teachings for Women - J 1651
Domestic Interior
Phra Malai - Thi 1318, f. 41
Heavenly Beings and Musicians
C 0379
Snuff Bottle
Series: 'Going round the Waterfalls in the Various Provinces'  - J 2761
The Roben Waterfall at Oyama in Sagami...
C 0551
Ivory Snuff Bottle
J 1131
Dutch mansions in Nagasaki
Upasampada-kammavaca - Bu 1248
Decorated Page