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Qur'an  - Is 1494, ff. 28b-29a
Heading for Chapter 14
Joseph and Potiphar's Wife - In 31.8
Zulaykha's Friends Distracted by...
Qur'an - Is 1534, ff. 144b-145a
Illuminated Heading for Chapter 17
Book of Akbar - In 03.54
Akbar Receives Gifts from the...
Book of Kings - Per 277.12
Zal Rescued by the Simurgh
The Minto Album - In 07A.7a
A Garden Gathering with a Prince in a...
The Shape of the Stars - Ar 4222, f. 28a
Boötes (the Herdsman)
In 11B.30
A Lady Prepares a Meal
The Exploits of the Victorious - Per 235, f. 132a
Ali Fighting to Take the Fortress of...
The Salim Album - In 44.4
Madonna and Child
Unidentified Album - In 41.3
Awrangzib as a Young Prince
Burning and Melting - Per 268, f. 8a
The Worship of Fire