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From: Spring in the Four Directions (Yomo no haru) - J 1655
A Ferryboat with Horse, Palanquin and...
from the series: The Four Friends of the Writing Table for the Ichiyo Circle - J 2091
J 2819
Courtesans and Attendants Watching a...
Sum 1127
The Oracle with a Cock under a Basket
C 1147, ill. 4
The Hundred Lohans, Part 4 of 8
J 2494
Beautiful Women at a Yashiki
Tb 1880
C 3312
Military Mandarin Square
Both banks of the Sumida River, vol. 1 - J 1673.1, ff. 5b-6a
Viewing the Cherry Blossoms by the...
J 2094
Blossoming Plum Tree
J 2820
Asters and Pampas Grass
Illustrated Version of Imagawa's Teachings for Women - J 1651
Domestic Interior