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Upasampada-kammavaca - Bu 1248
Decorated Page
From: Hokusai's Album of Pictures from Nature  - J 1669
J 2795
Boats Delivering Rice to the Government...
The Conquests of the Qianlong Emperor - C 1601
Battle Scene
C 0551
Ivory Snuff Bottle
The Tale of Oriole - C 1108, ill. 16
Oriole on a Bridge in the Moonlight
Series: 'Remarkable Bridges in the Provinces'  - J 2757
Ancient View of Yatsuhashi Bridge in...
C 0749
Jade Snuff Bottle
Series: 'Thirty-Six Views of Mount Fuji' (Fuji sanjurokkei) - J 2714
Suwa Lake in Shinano Province (Shinshu...
C 1147, ill. 4
The Hundred Lohans, Part 4 of 8
History of Arakan - Bu 1212
Buddha on His Deathbed
From the Series: 'A Matching Game with the Genroku Poem Shells'  - J 2169
The Minase Shell