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History of Sultan Suleyman - T 413.113
Funeral of Sultan Suleyman the...
Qur'an - Is 1479, f. 235b
The Salim Album - In 44.4
Madonna and Child
Yusuf and Zulaykha of Jami - Per 216, ff. 1b-2a
Illuminated Frontispiece
Book of Divinations - Per 395.1
Iskandar Oversees the Building of the...
The Book of Akbar  - In 03.263
Akbar and the Jesuits
Is Sc6
The Guide to Happiness - T 459, ff. 9b-10a
The Names of the Prophet
Qur'an  - Is 1407, f. 2b
Illuminated Heading for Chapter 32
Per 260.2
Youth in a Fur-Trimmed Cap
Book of Kings - Per 277.12
Zal Rescued by the Simurgh
The Orchard of Sa’di - Per 274.93b
An Apothecary Shop