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J 2853
The Penance of Monkagu
One Hundred Views of Mount Fuji, vol. 2 - J 1614.2, ff. 3a-2b
Mount Fuji through a Bamboo Grove
Series: 'Oceans of a Thousand Pictures'  - J 2771
Catching a Whale off the Goto Islands
J 2024
Morning Glories, Scissors and Porcelain...
J 1131
Dutch mansions in Nagasaki
J 2116
Rooster Threatening a Painted Cockerel
Fifth Print in the Series: Seven Pictures for Hisakataya - J 2287
Votive Paintings of Kagekiyo and an...
Spring in the Four Directions - J 1678, ill. 6
Courtier watching workmen erect the...
Customs of Beautiful Women by the Clock - J 2533
Time of the Hare
Great Perfection of Wisdom Summary Sutra - C 1746, ff. 1b-2a
Chapter 5
Spring in the Four Directions - J 1678, ill. 4
J 2094
Blossoming Plum Tree