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Art in Ink: Contemporary Irish Calligraphy

28 September to 21 October 2007

For centuries the art of fine hand writing was an essential requirement for letter writing, business affairs and legal and state documents and the collections of the Chester Beatty Library reflect the skills of calligraphers from many societies and over many centuries. Today these skills are to a large extent produced digitally but the art of the scribe still continues to attract adherents from all walks of life.

The latest exhibition at the Chester Beatty reflects that diversity as it shows contemporary Irish calligraphy from members of the calligraphy group PeannairĂ­ and fellow calligraphers. PeannairĂ­, derived from an Irish word meaning 'penners', was founded in Dublin 20 years ago.  Its principal objectives then and now are to develop and promote the art of calligraphy as a modern and relevant cultural practice.  Members produce artwork based on calligraphic traditions and innovations.  This includes elements of graphic design, painting, hand book-binding and related techniques as well as the study of traditional and modern scripts. PeannairĂ­ is dedicated to the development of calligraphy as an art form.  For more information on the society, please see their website: http://www.calligraphy.ie

The present exhibition which features nearly 50 works shows the application of calligraphy on a wide variety of media including paper, glass, and stone. The exhibition draws on the works of both skilled novices and master scribes including a number of fine pieces from Denis Brown and Tim O’Neill.

In conjunction with the exhibition, the Chester Beatty Library will host a calligraphy demonstration by members of PeannairĂ­ on Saturday 20th October between 2-4pm and young aspiring calligraphers (6-11 year olds) can try to make their own decorative letters on Saturday 6th October at 2pm.To view the exhibits ‘Exhibition at CBL’ please click here.